Provozní řád

I. General Provisions

1. The museum building is an integral part of the Town Office in Mimoň. Operations and technical condition of the building is the responsibility of the Department of Culture, Town Office Mimoň (herein the “DC”). The museum does not operate as a stand-alone financial entity since it is not a Mimoň Town’s co-funded organisation. Operations of the building are funded from the town’s budget, admission fees and donations of legal and natural entities, including town citizens.

2. Managing the museum’s collections is the responsibility of a staff member of Mimoň Town authorised so under the Organisational Rules. In addition, the person must have signed an agreement on material responsibility. The managing person’s duty is to take care of the operation and development of the museum and to keep records of the collection resources of the same.

II. Availability of the museum collections and set admission fees

1. The Town Museum is open to the public on opening days as follows:

9 – 12 pm and 1 – 4 pm on Tuesdays through Sundays,

Guided tours in the museum take place twice per hour, with the earliest possible time always posted on the museum entrance door.

2. Admission to the museum is established through the Price List, which is an integral part of the Operating Rules of the Town Museum.

3. The amount of admission to exhibitions at the gallery is proposed by the head of Department for Culture and approved by the Town Council.

4. Access to the museum collections outside the defined opening hours as indicated under Article 1 can be discussed with the museum staff by phone or via email. Tel.: +420 480 99 00 66, email address:

5. When any special exhibition is organised, the opening hours may differ from those indicated under Article 1. Specific opening hours can be specified for such cases.

III. Visitor guidelines

1. Children under 10 years shall access the museum only if accompanied by an adult.

2. The following is prohibited in the collection area:

Touching displayed items and showcases unless permitted by the museum staff

Making still or moving pictures unless having prior consent

Smoking and handling open fire throughout the museum’s area

Damaging or destroying equipment and installations inside the museum in any manner

Consuming food and drinks inside the museum’s building

Entering the exhibition area with animals; animals can be tied or secured where permitted by the museum staff upon the agreement with the latter

Entering the museum with unclean clothing or footwear

Entering the museum drunk or under the influence of drugs

Disturbing or otherwise limiting other visitors through one’s conduct

3. Each visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of the museum staff. Failing to obey the instruction or prohibition issued in connection with the protection and security of the collections, the building and guests, the visitor can be immediately removed from the building without any compensation for the admission already paid, plus they expose themselves to potential sanctions under applicable laws and general regulations.

4. Causing any damage at the museum shall result in visitor’s liability to compensate under applicable laws and general regulations.

5. Visitors are not permitted to enter the route of guided tours as well as displays and exhibitions with umbrellas, bags, backpacks, large luggage etc. Any such items shall be left at a location predetermined by the facility’s staff.

6. Any visitor wishes, compliments and comments can be submitted in writing directly into the Guest Book, which is available at the ticket office.

IV. Operations

1. The head of the DC has the power of specifying the way of using the rooms at all times.

2. The museum’s operations must comply with the labour rules of the Town Office Mimoň and other in-house regulations of the same.

3. Access to the out-of-scene facilities is allowed only to the museum staff and that of the DC.

4. In the case of exhibitions and events organised by the Town Mimoň, the head of the DC shall specify a person to oversee the exhibition with the responsibility of the latter for ensuring that no damage or loss of room equipment occurs, with the same to apply to the items displayed and stored.

5. Permanent and occasional exhibitions shall be installed where designated.

V. Final provisions

1. The Operating Rules were approved on 19 July 2010 by the Town Council Mimoň, resolution no. R10/586, and become effective on 1 August 2010.

2. Amending any provision of the Operating Rules shall be possible only upon resolution of the Town Council Mimoň.
František Kaiser
Town Museum – Price List

The admission fee shall be set as follows: basic fee – 40 CZK, reduced fee – 20 CZK.

The reduced admission fee applies to children, students under 26 upon showing a student card, as well as disabled persons and seniors above 65. Group tickets shall be granted to school groups (10 children or more), with 10 CZK to be paid per person. Accompanying persons can enter for free (a single person only). A family ticket to the collections amounts to 100 CZK (a minimum of two adults and three children under 15).

The amount of admission fee to any exhibition at the gallery shall be proposed by the head of Department for Culture and approved by the Town Council.

This price list was approved on 19 July 2010 by the Town Council Mimoň through its resolution no. R10/586 and becomes effective on 1 August 2010.

Amending any provision of the Price List shall be possible only upon resolution of the Town Council Mimoň.